Abolition Caucus


Welcome to the "Abolition Caucus!" This is a list server set up by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) to facilitate communication and cooperation amongst the non-governmental organizations and other citizens groups of the NGO Abolition Caucus working for the abolition of nuclear weapons. The NGO Abolition Caucus was started as an informal network to press governments to commit to the abolition of nuclear weapons at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review and Extension Conference in New York in April- May 1995. This list is not "owned" or "operated" by any one individual or organization. Rather, it is a continuation of the cooperative, consensus-oriented approach undertaken by the Caucus.

The list is being served by an automated mailing list manager that responds to commands emailed to it. To submit something for distribution to the list, simply mail it to: abolition-caucus@igc.apc.org.

For technical matters, email sent to Majordomo@igc.apc.org will be read by the system and each line in the body of the message will be interpreted as a command telling Majordomo to do something. Majordomo understands several commands, and is not limited to a single command per message (it will process commands until reaching end-of-message or the command "end").

Useful commands that may be used by sending them in the body of your email message to "Majordomo@igc.apc.org" are:

subscribe abolition-caucus [address]
unsubscribe abolition-caucus [address]
who abolition-caucus@igc.apc.org
info abolition-caucus@igc.apc.org

where [address] is your e-mail address. The "help" command will give you detailed explanations of all of these commands.

This list is "open," meaning anyone can subscribe themselves. But a word of caution: As electronic mail becomes increasingly popular, and thus the number of mail, list server, and conference messages we must read, many users are now experiencing "e-mail fatigue." Also, in some countries, messages are billed by the number of characters received -- which can make e-mail prohibitively expensive for some. Therefore, anyone joining this conference is urged to keep their messages concise and relevant to planning, coordinating, and implementing strategies, campaigns, and actions on nuclear weapons abolition. Please avoid duplicating information from other conferences.

So, again, welcome and thanks in advance for your important contributions to a nuclear weapons free 21st Century!

Michael Christ, IPPNW, Server facilitator