9 February 1998

Kofi Annan
Secretary General of the United Nations
United Nations, New York

Dear Secretary General:

		Re: Preventing War on Iraq

	I write this urgently on behalf of the Canadian NGO, Science for 
Peace, calling for you to intercede in any and all ways you can -- formal 
ways required or permitted by your position, and informal ways open to 
you by virtue of the esteem which is rightly yours -- to slow the pace 
and damp the fires of crisis which inflame the tension between the U.S.A. 
and Iraq.  In the absence of a decision and request by the Security 
Council, surely a punitive attack on Iraq by the U.S. and the U.K. is in 
violation of Article 53 of the U.N. Charter.  This might be pointed out 
to Mssrs. Clinton and Blair.

	Further legalities would enter if nuclear devices were to be 
used.  The advisory opinion of the international Court of Justice makes 
clear that such a use would be illegal.  But the moral wrong outweighs 
even such momentous niceties.  And the threat of wider (worldwide?) 
warfare has already been mooted by Mr. Yeltsin.

	Surely the next few days are crucial for the reversal of this 
sudden appalling slide towards a world wracked with deadly violence and 
appetite for more.


					L. Terrell Gardner

cc:  Mssrs. Blair, Chretien, Clinton, and Yeltsin