Comprehensive Test Ban Clearinghouse

The CTB Clearinghouse, in conjunction with Plutonium Challenge, is creating new computer conferences on the internet. They will be called: and alt.activism.nuclear-tests.discuss. These are actually called 'newsgroups.' For those of you familar with 'ctb.clips' on PeaceNet, what we are doing is simply taking that conference and making it more accessable to the wider internet audience.

For those of you not on PeaceNet, '' will contain government statements, speeches, NGO reports, factsheets, action alerts, and news summaries on nuclear testing and the CTB. It will be a 'read only' conference and should be accessable to anyone with limited internet access. 'ctb.clips' will close after the newsgroups open.

nuclear-testing.discuss will be an open conference in which anyone can post press releases, reports, and exchange information. It will be similar to our MPN conference or disarm.ctb-npt on PeaceNet. for government statements, reports and news on nuclear testing.

alt.activism.nuclear-testing.discuss for discussion of nuclear testing issues.

Nuclear testing will be a major issue for activists around the world for the next year. While the resumption of French testing is a great tragedy, there is genuine hope that a Comprehensive Test Ban (CTB) treaty can be completed in Geneva by the end of 1996. There are no existing Usenet newsgroups on nuclear weapons or nuclear testing. When we create these conferences, in the next 7-14 days, would you please ask your internet provider to carry them.

  • Comments and suggestions should be directed to or

    Bruce Hall, CTB Clearinghouse
    David Culp, Plutonium Challenge

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