Date: 	Wed, 2 Sep 1998 05:23:47 -0400
From: Eric Fawcett 
Subject: s4p-20: s4p Newsletter distribution 

During a 4-week vacation period the following messages [4-15] were 
received that I consider worthy of distribution in the s4p newsletter.
However, I don't want to over load your INBOX, and test your patience,
so I'm sending by e-mail over a couple of weeks only those labelled "e".
ALL the items are available at the Science for Peace website at:
where you will find an entry "s4p Newsletter, edited by Eric Fawcett", 
containing this list of items, on which you may click to get the text.

If you don't use world-wide-web, please let me know by replying to: 
  [NOT to the name of the list, s4pxxx]
with the words "EMAIL PLEASE" in the Subject line, and I shall then 
send you all the other items in the list not labelled "e", namely
items number 1-5, 7-12, 14-15 and 17;
ask for individual items by number in the Subject line [the length of 
each item is given to the nearest kB].

If you DO use world-wide-web, and prefer not to receive the e-mail news
items, please reply with the words "WWW PLEASE" in the Subject line. 
In due course I shall build up a new list s4pwww of these addresses,
to which only e-mail notices of Science for Peace events will be sent.

s4p-1:  Richard Falk, "Democracy Died at the Gulf" [45 kB]

s4p-2:  Anatol Rapoport, The motto "Science for Peace" [9 kB]

s4p-3:  US Nuclear Strategy and the Third World [4 kB]

s4p-4:  Indian environmental work for sustainable development [9 kB] 

s4p-5:  Spread of Aids exposes poverty of current policy [3 kB]

s4p-6:  e--U.S. plans to thwart the Intl War Crimes Court [6 kB]

s4p-7:  The meltdown in Canada's polar research [6 kB]

s4p-8:  Russian Academician warns of after-effects of nuclear testing [3 kB]

s4p-9:  A poem for Nagasaki Day in Toronto [3 kB]

s4p-10: The Agony of Iraq, a poem [5 kB]

s4p-11: Iraq--A Lost Generation [18 kB]

s4p-12: Kosovo War was NOT a failure in prevention--it was in the 
        interests of many of the actors [16 kB]

s4p-13: e--NAFTA [soon MAI?] MMT-Ethyl/Canada & Metalclad/Mexico [17 kB]

s4p-14: Noam Chomsky "The poor always pay the bills of the rich" [7 kB]

s4p-15: Titan 4 rocket for Pu-RTG Cassini probe explodes on launch [7 kB]

s4p-16: e--Scandal of third world debt: IMF as corporate welfare [11 kB]

s4p-17: Japan & China brace for new banking crises [8 kB]

s4p-18: e--U.S. attacks on Khartoum and Afghanistan [10 kB]

s4p-19: e--U.S. bombs scare Russia: extract from CDI Russia Weekly [7 kB]