Science for Peace Retreat, March 8-10, 1996

Place: Bolton Conference Centre
Time: Friday--Sunday, 8-10 March, 1996

PRESENT             TEL or e-mail
Alcock, Norman      519-795-7326
Alcock, Pat         705-789-6334
Burkhardt, Helmut   
Dorn, Trudy          705-295-4533
Dorn, Walter        
Farlinger, Shirley
Fawcett, Eric        
Gardner, Connie      416-485-3522
Gardner, Terry       416-485-3522
Gotlieb, Calvin     
Newcombe, Hanna      905-628-2356
Paul, Derek         
Phillips, Alan      
Russell, Ian        
Smith, Jean          416-535-6605
Spencer, Metta      
Stroyman, Herschel   416-533-7664
Valleau, John       
Vise, Joe           
Wilcock, Ross        
Wiseman, Henry       519-822-9922

REGRETS (partial list)

Abah, Patience; Creighton, Phyllis; Crowell, George; Ellen, Richard;
Gombay, Brydon; Hathaway, George; Gordon, Myron; Guttman, Irwin; Holloway,
Clive; Larsen, Ellen; Lees, Ronald; Lorch, Lee; Mandy, Margot; Meisel,
John;  Michalos, Alex; Newton, John; Purdy, Gary; Rapoport, Anatol;
Robinson, Bill;  Runte, Roseann; Slavin, Alan; Snieckus, Vic; Summers,
Craig; Thompson, Jon;  Thompson, Paul. 

CONTRIBUTORS by e-mail, Fax, Tel or Canada Post
Baxter, Bob; Bloom, Myer; Creery, Ray [AC = Advisory Council Member]; 
Dwivedio, O. P.; Fischer, Gaston; Korol, Robert; McLaren, Digby [AC];
Miller, Joanna [AC]; Miller, Morris; Pearson, Geoffrey [AC]; Polanyi, 
John [AC]; Powles, Cyril; Rudmin, Floyd; Russell, Peter; Sakeris, John; 
Simpson, Ed; Smith, Michael [AC]; Santa-Barbara, Joanna [AC]; Soskolne, 
Colin; Trainor, Lynn; Vijh, Ashok; Vorst, Jesse; Weatherley, Alan & 
Robena; Woolfson, David; Zessner, Walter.
1] Members Proposals 
sent by the CONTRIBUTORS listed above  are attached to this e-mail;

2] Working Groups (12, including 3 in the planning stage);

3] Public Lectures in 1995 (14 including 3 Roundtable Discussions);

4] Science for Peace Books (11 in print);

5] Peace Magazine 1995: articles in the Science for Peace section;

6] Letters to Government in 1995 (subjects only);

7] Projects planned for 1996/97: a) Conference on Lessons of Yugoslavia
   b) Technology of Peace (and other research projects with student interns)
   proposed by Walter Dorn;

8] Franz Blumenfeld Peace Fund: background and terms;

9] Hiroshima-Nagasaki Exhibit: a description;

10] Appeal for new members: a sample letter;

11] International Peace Bureau (SfP is a member) Report for December 1995;

12] International Network os Scientists and Engineers (SfP is a member)
    Report for December 1995;
After an evening of discussion of the proposals of members, both present 
and absent, the following topcs were chosen by a show of hands for further
more extended discussion:

1] Societal Verification (whistle-blowing)
2] Global Environment and Economy
3] Educational activities of SfP

4] International Law: justice in intl affairs
5] Offshore peace: Chechnya, Bosnia....
6] New ideas for the U.N.
7] Weapons Control: nuclear, landmines...

Other topics proposed for discussion that did not however lead to 
decisions to act include:
* Abolition 2000 (continuation of World Court Project)
* Canadian Unity
* Contractual research (think-tank)
* technology transfer and copyrights
* monolithic global culture (see topic 2] above)
* NATO--expansion or abolition?

Housekeeping items discussed include:
* Fund-raising (including Franz Blumenfeld Fund)
* Recruiting new members
* Increasing the commitment of members
* Collaboration with other peace groups

Discussion of these topics will not be described here, but decisions to 
take action are given in the next section, q.v.
DECISIONS for ACTION (item numbers refer to the list above)

1] Societal Verification: a Roundtable Discussion will be organized by the
   Working Group on U.N. Reform in the early summer of 1996.

2] Educational activities:
   * Reactivate the Science for Peace Media Contact List (now under way);
   * Start a Film Club;
   * Promote the SfP World-Wide-Web Home Page. 

3] Retreat (or "Thought-Fest") in the Fall of 1996 with the principal theme:
   " From Barbarism to Civility".

4] Conference on "Lessons from Yugoslavia" is now in planning, and 
   funding is being sought.

MEMBERS PROPOSALS for the Science for Peace Retreat, March 1996

The first seven item are contributions form members sent by FAX or Canada Mail, which were not transcribed onto e-mail, and are available on request.

NOTE: [AC] denotes a member of the Advisory Council

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