Hiroshima-Nagasaki: Fifty Years of Deceit and Self-Deception

This Exhibition of Science for Peace protests fifty years of duplicity by 
the Allied governments over the decision to drop the the atomic bomb on 
Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Exhibitiion is of especial interest to student, scientists, 
engineers and historians and comprises:

o--near-lifesize models of Little Boy and Fat Man, the grotesque names for 
the two bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the World's First 
Nuclear War;

o--"Fifty Years of Nuclear Terror", an exhibit of 10 panels prepared by 
the War Resisters League, which includes a description of the gutting of the 
Smithsonian Enola Gay exhibit under pressure from Congress and the 
American Legion;

o--"Fifty Years of Censorship", an exhibit of 5 panels addressing the 
questions: "What is it to be a scientist or engineer after Hiroshima?"
and  " What is it to be a historian after 50 years of brazen lying, 
misinformation, and partial or delayed release of documents by the Allied 

o--Sample copies of books, including:
"The Decision to Drop the Bomb" by Gar Alperowitz, Knopf 1995
"Hiroshima in America: fifty years of denial" by Robert Jay Lifton and 
Greg Mitchell, Grosset/Putnam 1995 ISBN 0-399-14072-7.


Dominick Jenkins, graduate student in Philosophy at U of T, conceived the 
project and wrote the notes for the Brochure;

Peter Shepherd, carpenter and student, made the models and has been 
responsible for transporting and mounting the Exhibition at the different 
university locations listed below;

Eric Fawcett coordinated the project and is in charge of reservations to 
show the Exhibition.


1] August 6, Hiroshima Day, Nathan Phillips Square

2] September 4 to 29, Robarts Library, University of Toronto

3] October 23 to 20, Brock University

4] November 6 to 17, Bethune College, York University

5] Ryerson University--dates????

6] December 3 to 9, Scarborough College, University of Toronto???

7] February???  IHPST Conference????

See here for more information. Also, read
Peter Shepherd's article in 
the Sfp Bulletin.