YorkCard access to labs (N604 and S110)

Instructions and Questions

Your properly enabled YorkCard has access to the S110 door (undergraduate and grads/faculty) and N604 (faculty and grads). Unfortunately the door card readers have been failing, and are sometimes out of order. If you swipe the card and the door doesn't open you can call security at x58000 and they will either come and open the door for you or ask you to go to security to check out a key. The YorkCard office is working on making the doors more reliable.

To have your card encoded to open the doors, you must *first* have it entered into the database at the YorkCard office in West Office Building if it has not been already. If the York Card office asks you for a letter of authorization, explain to them that you are only asking to have your card entered into the system, and that Math/ATSG will handle your access to specific labs.

Until this has been done, it is *pointless* to try to have your card added to the list of people allowed to access the lab. It will only waste our (and your!) time. If you are not sure whether your card has been encoded, please ask at the YorkCard office. Once your card has been encoded at the YorkCard office, try it again in the lab, before proceeding.

(The following paragraph applies only to graduate students and faculty, including visiting faculty - undergraduates are added based on course registrations) Once your card has been encoded at West Office Building (York Card office), log in to pascal and type "yorkcard" at the prompt, and follow the instructions carefully. Your card should start working within the next few days if you followed all the steps correctly. The implication of this, of course, is that you must have a pascal account in order to be allowed to have swipe-card access to N604. Generally-speaking, you should be granted access to S110 at the same time, and this is the preferred way for you to be granted access to S110.

(The following paragraph applies to anyone seeking access to S110, except when obtained along with access to N604, as above) You may cause your YorkCard to be enabled automatically by using the web form accessible through the Gauss Lab Home Page. Note that you will need an AML (Advanced Multimedia Labs) account before being able to do this.

If it still doesn't work then visit ATSG in N125 (Undergraduates) or Marie Milani in the main office (Graduate students and faculty). Note the key word still: this isn't an offer to do your job for you, but an offer to help if you run into unexpected problems. ATSG/Marie will be less than amused if it turns out that in reality, the only thing wrong is that you haven't bothered to get your card entered into the database at the YorkCard Office, for example. This kind of behaviour only succeeds in wasting everyone's time, including yours.

Again if you are a graduate student or faculty, you will be required to obtain a pascal account before qualifying for swipe-card access. Undergraduates are added based on course registrations. THOSE UNDERGRADUATES THAT DO NOT HAVE ACCESS DUE TO THEIR COURSE REGISTRATION (LATE REGISTRATION, FOR EXAMPLE) MUST FOLLOW THE STEPS ON THE GAUSS LAB HOME PAGE AND OBTAIN AN AML (Advanced Multimedia Labs) ACCOUNT VIA MAYA (IF THEY DON'T ALREADY HAVE ONE) IN ORDER TO GET THEIR CARD ACTIVATED.