AS/SC/MATH 2042 3.0 (Winter 2003)
Symbolic Computational Laboratory II

Course Outline

Anatoliy Swishchuk   (, N534, Ross; Tel.: (416) 7362100 ext 22554
Teaching Assistant:
Du, Chuanbin   (
Place: Gauss Lab S110 Ross:
Make sure that your York card has the magnetic strip activated to give access to the Gauss Lab (go to the registrar to activate your card: it takes 24 hours
to activate this account, so do this early).  Students need a Gauss Lab account in order to use machines in S110. To get this account, use the MMS
system to obtain a YORKARTS and a MATHSTAT accounts.

Lecture schedule 
Office hours 
Tuesday 12: 30 pm - 2:30 pm 

Thursday12: 30 pm - 1:30 pm
Tuesday 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm 

Thursday 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm 
or by appointment.
We will apply Maple to solve typical problems that arise in the following topics:
1) Linear Algebra with Applications;
2) Integral Theorems with Applications;
3) Multivariate Calculus with Applications;
4) Graphics and Animations;
5) Differential Equations with Applications.
6) Mathematics of Finance;
The mathematical background will be briefly discussed. This course uses advanced symbolic computations with MAPLE. Topic from linear algebra,  multivariate calculus, integral theorems, mathematics of finance (MF) and differential (DE) equations are covered.  All the material on DE and MF will be introduced, so no prior exposure to DE and MF is assumed. Both mathematical understanding and applications are emphasized. The course is intended to provide students with the opportunity to develop their skills in applying MAPLE symbolic computations to solve problems in applied mathematics.

Important Class Dates:

Requested text:

There is no recommended text. It will be in-class lectures  (containing lecture outline (see Tentative Schedule with Maple worksheets) with typical examples and exercises).

Web Page:
There is a web page for this course which contains the course outline, tentative course schedule, assignments, grading scheme, important class dates, etc.
Announcements made in class will be posted there (see end of this web-page). The address of this web page is:

Class work:
The course is based on lectures with mathematical background and problems, MAPLE commands available for solving the problems, and examples and exercises.

Assignments and Deadlines:
There will be 10 assignments (4% of final mark each). The assignments are listed below (with the titles and deadlines):
1) Single Species Model-January 21'2003;
2) Predator-Prey Model-January 28'2003;
3) Arc Length-February 4'2003;
4) Volume of Solid of Revolution-February 11'2003;
5) Volume of the Region-February 25'2003;
6) Classification of Critical Points -March 4'2003;
7) Graphics-March 11'2003;
8) Animations-March 18'2003;
9) Classification of Equilibrium Points-March 25'2003;
10) Hooke's Law-April 1'2003.

Submission of Assignments:
1) Submit a hard copy of your assignment containing the Title page with your First and Last Names, Student Number,  Assignment Number,  and e-mail address; your First and Last names should be indicated on each page of your assignment. Every assignment submitted should contain: a) short explanation of how to solve this problem mathematically and b) the complete solution of this problem with Maple (what package, commands, etc. you need to solve this problem).
2) Assignments may be left in the Math2042 Drop-Off Box before 6pm on a deadline day (North Ross 5th floor, to the left of the elevator).

Assignment Grades:
The hard copy of the assignment will be returned to you with the number of points you have earned (1 point is equal to 1 percent of your final grade).

Late Assignments:
Assignments that are handed in late (in person only to instructor) will be penalized at the rate of 1 point per day.

There will be two Quizzes: Quiz #1 on February 13'2003 and Quiz #2 on March 20'2003.

Missed Quizzes:
There will be one make-up exam at the end of the term for missed in-class quizzes (upon presentation of documentation of a valid excuse). With no presentation of such documentation a grade of zero will be entered for the missed quiz.

Grading scheme:

Quizzes and Assignments
Value (% of your final mark)
Quiz #1
February 13, 2003
Quiz # 2
March 20, 2003
See Assignments and Deadlines

There will be no final exam for this course.
The course marks will be based on 10 assignments (total: 40% of final mark) and two quizzes (total: 60% of final mark).
Important Dates:Add and Drop Deadlines

Tentative Schedule for MATH2042 3.0 W
Lecture1: Introduction: Course Outline. Linear Algebra with Maple. Examples.
Linear Algebra with Maple: Exercises.
Lecture 2: Applications of Linear Algebra (LA) with Maple.
Applications of LA with Maple: Exercises.
Lecture 3: Integral Theorems (IT) with Maple. Examples.
IT with Maple: Exercises.
Lecture 4: Applications of Integral Theorems with Maple.
Applications of IT with Maple: Exercises.
Lecture 5: Multivariate Calculus (MVC) with Maple. Examples.
MVC with Maple: Exercises.
Lecture 6: Applications of Multivariate Calculus with Maple. 
One-hour Quiz#1 on Lectures 1-5.
Lecture 7: Graphics and Animations (GA) with Maple. Examples.
Exercises in GA.
Lecture 8: Applications of Graphics and Animations with Maple.
Applications of GA: Exercises.
Lecture 9: Elements of Differential Equations (DE) with Maple. Examples.
Exercises in DE.
Lecture 10: Applications of DE with Maple.
One-hour Quiz #2 on Lectures 6-9.
Lecture 11: Applications of DE with Maple. Examples.
Applications of DE: Exercises.
Lecture 12: Mathematics of Finance (MF) with Maple.
MF: Exercises.
From Monday, February 17, 2003 to Friday, February 21, 2003 will be reading week.

For the solutions of Quiz#2 see Tentative Schedule, Mar'20'2003,Thursday
(For the solutions of Quiz#1 see Tentative Schedule, Feb'13'2003, Thursday).
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