Eli Brettler

York University


Department of Mathematics and Statistics

York University
Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3

Office: South 508 Ross

Telephone: (416) 736-2100 Extension 66321
Fax: (416) 736-5757
e-mail: brettler@mathstat.yorku.ca
www: http://www.math.yorku.ca/~brettler

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Ontario Randonneurs I was involved with ultra-distance cycling and served as Toronto Vice President of the Ontario Randonneurs Cycling Club.
Computer related interests I am involved in a number of computer related enterprises; maintaining a Linux system for personal use, administering a modest home network and exploiting internet technology for communication with my students. I was involved in a project with Topology Atlas to publish Mathematics Journals on the World Wide Web. The journal Topology Proceedings is now online. My interests include means by which mathematics can be communicated over the Web.

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