Elissa Ross

Elissa Ross

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
York University

About me

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at York University, although I am presently on maternity leave from this position (effective April 1, 2012). Previously, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Fields Institute in Toronto, in connection with the Thematic Program on Discrete Geometry and Applications.

I recently finished my PhD in mathematics at York University. I was working with Walter Whiteley in the area of discrete geometry, specifically rigidity theory.

I did my Masters degree at the University of British Columbia, where I worked with Bill Casselman. My thesis was about Penrose Tiles, but it was mostly about pictures.

Here is my CV, in case you want to know more.

Research Interests

I am working on describing a theory of rigidity for periodic frameworks. In other words, I am trying to understand the rigidity properties of graphs on tori. It is hoped that this might relate to the study of zeolites. I'm also interested in other problems in discrete geometry, tilings, topological graph theory, computational geometry, and problems with a discrete flavour that have applications to biology. I'm very interested in the idea and practice of interdisciplinarity.

Papers, projects, theses and old stuff

Periodic rigidity on a variable torus using inductive constructions, with A. Nixon (submitted, March 2012).

One brick at a time: a survey of inductive constructions in rigidity theory, with A. Nixon (submitted, March 2012).

Inductive constructions for frameworks on a two-dimensional fixed torus, (submitted, March 2012).

The rigidity of periodic body-bar frameworks on the three-dimensional fixed torus, (invited submission to the proceedings of the Royal Society Theo Murphy International Scientific Meeting on Rigidity of Periodic and Symmetric Structures in Nature and Engineering, March 2012).

Swapping Blocks and Holes in Spherical Frameworks, with Wendy Finbow-Singh and Walter Whiteley. SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, 26(1), 280 -- 304 (Feb., 2012)

The rigidity of periodic frameworks as graphs on a fixed torus, (submitted, September 2011).

My Ph.D. thesis: The Rigidity of Periodic Frameworks as Graphs on a Torus, (May, 2011).

Finite motions from periodic frameworks with added symmetry, with Bernd Schulze and Walter Whiteley. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 48, 1711 -- 1728 (Feb., 2011).

My Master's thesis: Non-Local Growth of Penrose Tilings, (Oct., 2005).

A paper on Conway's Tiling Groups

A paper on Spectral Graph Drawing


Previously, (Winter, 2010) I was the course director for MATH 2022: Linear Algebra II.

Gallery of Math

Eventually I will put some links to some math pictures that I have made, and some words about ways to make math pictures. I've tried just about everything. In the meantime, you can check out the graphics package TikZ for LaTeX, and these examples of excellent TikZ usage. If you want to be hardcore about it then you might as well write things directly in PostScript, which you can learn about here.

Other projects

Too Cool For School Art and Science Exhibition (November 13, 2010 - January 2, 2011)
Art Meets Science at York!! (October 2009)
An infinity of yogourt (well, the infinity is over, but the recipe is still good. New infinities include purple string beans and coriander in the garden.)


elissa at mathstat dot yorku dot ca