FALL 2008

Statistics is a collection of methods for observing and analyzing numerical data in order to make sensible decisions about them. In this course the basic ideas of the analysis of data and of statistical inference will be introduced. Little mathematical background is required; high school algebra is sufficient. Mathematical proofs will be minimal; reasoning and explanations will be based mostly on intuition, verbal arguments, figures, or numerical examples. Some computing will be required. This course continues as MATH 2570.

This course is intended for students from a variety of programs including the BA in Mathematics for Commerce and BUSO. Students whose programs require only 3 credits of Statistics should consider taking MATH 1131 instead. ITEC students are advised to take MATH 2565 instead.

Instructor: Hanna Jankowski
E-mail: hkj[at]
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Office: N621B Ross
Office hours: MW 3-4pm, or by appointment. No drop-ins, please.

[Syllabus] and the revised marking scheme.

[Actual Coverage] This file will specify what was actually covered in the class, and will also provide suggested exercises. It will be updated on a regular basis.

Important Links:

Stats Lab
Here is a link to the website for our text. You can find all of the text's datasets there.



Assignments (and test solutions):

Assignment 1 with dataset: lifedata.xls or lifedata.txt. Don't forget that your textbook includes a CD with all of the datasets (listed by exercise, example or table number). Due: Wednesday, September 24th (changed from the 22nd). [solutions] [The assignment was out of 40, the last question was worth 10 points, and all other questions were worth 5 points.]

Assignment 2 with solutions. [Solutions were updated Oct.29th.]

Assignment 3: with solutions.

Test 1 solutions.

Test 2 solutions.

Computing Handouts: