Please check the final exam schedule for the time and location of our final exam. The final is three hours long. NOTE: THE FINAL EXAM TIME HAS CHANGED (ON FEB.18th) PLEASE CHECK THE REGISTRAR'S WEBSITE FOR THE NEW TIME AND LOCATION!

Rules and Regulations:


The final exam will be comprehensive - that is, it will cover all of the material that we have learned since the beginning of the course. Roughly, this means Chapters 1-5, although we did not cover everything in the text book. Please check the coverage page which I have updated over the term for the details. If you are still unclear about something, feel free to ask me.

PRACTICE PROBLEMS: For practice you can do (or re-do) the online quiz problems which I gave out previously.

Here and here are additional practice problems that I posted during the strike. FYI: On the first one (extra.pdf), Q3: about 90%, and Q7a: A and Q8: 0.75.

If you would like more review for Chapters 1 and 2, please let me know, and I will prepare this for you. As one idea, try doing the first test again. The solutions are still posted on the main page!

Extra help:

If you are having trouble with any concept or idea, make sure that you come and see me, and I will help you. I will have office hours from 3-4pm on WF the week before the final. I will also be "around" on Monday, the day of the final for some last-minute questions.

I have also scheduled an extra review session for Friday, February 20th at 1pm (till 2:30pm). It will be held in Ross N638 (down the hall from my office - same corridor, but closer to the elevators).

You can also get extra help at the stats lab. Their current office hours are from 10:30 to 15:30, M-F and change to 11-3pm M-F during exam time. It is located in Ross S525.