STAT 342 - Important Final Exam Information

Extra Office Hours:

Monday, June 4th: 4-7 pm in Padelford C-301
Tuesday, June 5th: 2-5pm in Padelford C-301 [updated May 31st.]

Test Rules and Info:

Wednesday, June 6th, 2:30-4:20pm, THO 134.

No aids other than a basic calculator are allowed. That is, a programmable calculator or a calculator that does statistics is not allowed (eg. if your calculator can produce z-scores etc, you cannot use it). Actually, you will need a calculator, so bring one.

Bonus Assignment:

For those of you that are doing the bonus assignment, please hand them in at the beginning of the final exam. Also, please make sure to include the original article with your analysis/summary. Thanks!