Hyejin Ku

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
York University

Research Interests:

Mathematical Finance and Applied Probability;

My research concerns developing the mathematical models and theory for financial applications and applying the results to financial markets. The topics include pricing and hedging derivative securities, measures of risk, and risk management.



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(Winter 2016)

MATH 6910 Stochastic Calculus in Finance (See the Moodle site)


(Fall 2015)

IMPORTANT: For students enrolled in MATH 1581 and MATH 1550, please do NOT purchase the text until the first day of class. You will need an access code to register for the on-line system and there will be a cheaper option including eBook, which will be explained in class on Thursday Sept 10.

MATH 1581 Business Mathematics I

MATH 1550 Mathematics with Management Applications


(Winter 2014)

MATH 6910 Stochastic Calculus in Finance

MATH 2581 Business Mathematics II


(Winter 2013)

MATH 4430 / 6602 Stochastic Processes