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Canada-China Conference on the Impact of Climate Change on Vector-borne and Waterborne Diseases

May 21-24, 2008
Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing China

It has been witnessed for the last decades that the climate changes have great impact on the emerging and reemerging vector-borne and waterborne infectious diseases, yet it must be admitted that the actual impacts of climate change on public health are still far from clear. Thus we are aware of the need to address the issue of the impact of the climate change on diseases vectors and hosts and are organizing this conference.

This conference is supported by Nanjing Normal University,Mathematical Centre of Chinese Education Ministry, York University and Public Health Agency of Canada. This conference is also a part of the joint program of MITACS international collaborations, a Canada-China joint program on modeling and prediction of infectious diseases. Hopefully this conference will supply a platform to induce further collaborations and networking and contacts among epidemiologists and mathematical modelers as well as health administrative personnel on the topics of climate change and emerging/reemerging vector-borne and waterborne diseases. We hope that the promotion of the study and collaboration in this field will help understand and control of the spreading of related diseases. It is also our hope that the conference will give a chance for graduate students and young researchers to learn from this arising fields to expand their research directions.

The themes of the conference include:
The topics of the conference include vector-borne, waterborne diseases and other related subjects, such as, mosquito-borne diseases, schistosomiasis, water borne diseases and Lake problems.