Talks from BIRS workshop on applications of descriptive set theory to operator algebras, June 2012.

Dima Shlyakhtenko, Free monotone transport.
Bradd Hart, Model theory of tracial von Neumann algebras
Vern Paulsen, The Kadison--Singer problem.
Asger T\"ornquist, A Fraisse-theoretic approach to the Paulsen Simplex
Stuart White, Perturbations of crossed products
Simon Thomas, A descriptive view of unitary group representations
Stefaan Vaes, II_1 factors with a unique Cartan decomposition.
Juris Steprans, Topological centres of group actions.
David Kerr, Independence and entropy in topological dynamics
Ed Effros, Some personal reflections on QFA (Quantized Functional Analysis)
Tristan Bice, Calculus of projections in C*-algebras
Justin Moore, Spatial models of Boolean actions
Cyril Houdayer, A class of II1 factors with an explicit abelian amenable subalgebra
Jesse Peterson, Stabilizers of ergodic actions of lattices and commensurators
N. Christopher Phillips, Outer automorphisms of the Calkin algebra
Problem session (Thanks to Nicola Watson for preparing the list.)
Aleksandra Kwiatkowska, Boolean actions on groups of isometries
Caleb Eckhardt, Amenable group C*-algebras
Martino Lupini, Non-classification of automorphisms of C*-algebras up to unitary equivalence
Hiroshi Ando, Finite-type Polish groups and Popa's problem
Todor Tsankov, Generic representations of abelian groups
Simon Wasserman, Factorial representations of nonseparable C*-algebras
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