Toronto Set Theory Seminar

Seminar meets (almost) every Friday, usually at 1:30-3:00pm (note the time change - before the Fields tea & cookies instead of after the Fields tea & cookies), in room 210 of the
Fields Institute. It started in the 1970s. A blob with the history of the seminar is long overdue; stay tuned.
I am on sabbatical and Paul Szeptycki has kindly agreed to take over the seminar.
Seminars archive:
  1. Current year's (2006) talks.
  2. 2005.
  3. Talks given since 2002 at the Fields can be found here.
  4. There is no archive of the talks given at the Sydney Smith Hall (the legendary SS5017A) except for the period from May 1998 to July 2002 (courtesy of Elliott Pearl).
To subscribe to the seminar's mailing list, send an email to majordomo at math dot toronto dot edu with `subscribe set-theory-seminar' in the message body.

Graduate student set theory seminar

The seminar photo was taken by Dusan Repovs at the Fields Institute, room 230, after his talk on May 9, 2006. Since not all of the seminar regulars were present, I would like to encourage all future speakers to come with a camera and take a seminar snapshot.