Math 1021, Linear Algebra I, sections A and B, Fall 2017 Course Information

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Lecturer: Ilijas Farah
Office: TBA
Telephone: 736-2100 ext. TBA (email is faster - see below)
Email: ifarah at mathstat dot yorku dot ca
URL: The course page is available on Moodle.
Lectures: TR 10:00-11:30, CLH H (Section A)
TR 2:30-4:00, CLH H (Section B)
Office hours: Thursday, noon-1:00pm
Additional help is available in Ross S525, schedule TBA
Registration instructions for Lyryx online homeworks:
Section A (10am class)
Section B (2:30pm class).
It is your responsibility to enrol in the right section. A failure to do so may result in loss of your homework data.
Text: Keith Nicholson, Linear Algebra With Applications, 7th edition
Evaluation: Online assignments; 10%
Two 70-minute in-class tests (dates are Tuesday, October 10, 2017 and Thursday, November 23, 2016) 25% each.
a two-hour Final Exam (Examination Period) 40%.
Email. Since I am using drastic anti-spam measures, you should follow these guidelines if you are sending me an email:
(a) always start the subject with Math 1021 and use your email address as it appears in the class list,
(b) always sign the email with your full name as it appears in the class list;
(c) send me only text-based emails (no html, please!) with no attachments.

Notes (1) There will be no make-ups for missed assignments or in-class tests. If an assignment or a test is missed and acceptable reason with documentation is provided within 72 hours of the test, the weighting of that component will be added to the weighting for the final exam.
Late assignments will not be accepted.
(2) Last day to withdraw without receiving a grade is November 10. It is extremely important to realistically assess your course performance prior to this date.
(3) Your grade will be computed based on your performances on assignments, tests and the exam only. If you come to ask for a grade based on some other reason, I will listen to you politely (for a while) but my final answer will be ``no.''
(4) Sessional dates can be found at
(5) If you miss a test for reasons beyond your personal control, the weight of the test will be transferred to the final exam. (for example, if you miss test 1 then the final exam will weigh 65% of your grade). I do not need a doctor's note, only a signed (by the student, i.e., you) letter stating that you could not attend the test. Missing both tests is a serious issue; in case you miss both tests for whatever reason you should contact me as soon as possible and make an appointment. I will quickly assess your progress in the course and try to work out a solution.

Ilijas Farah