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MATH 1300 3.00MW (Winter 2010)
Differential Calculus with Applications

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The following resources are on 2 hour reserve in Steacie Library You should have a copy of the text, along with the accompanying Student Manual and CD-ROM. If necessary, you can get by with a copy of an earlier edition. The 2nd edition (2006) has essentially the same content and problems (the 3rd edition mainly fixed misprints in the 2nd edition). There is also a preliminary edition (2003), but if you use that, be warned that the chapter and problem numbering is different (the 2nd edition added many new problems). If anyone is trying to work from the preliminary edition, see me for advice about problems.

The student solutions manual is also available at the bookstore, but buying this is optional - it is not required for the course. It is based on the 2nd edition of the text, but can still be used easily, since the problem numbering is the same as in the 3rd edition.