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MATH 1300 3.00MW (Winter 2010)
Differential Calculus with Applications


Assignments from this page are to be handed in for credit. These problems do not cover everything done in the coures, and being able to complete them does not mean you are prepared for the exam. For that, see the much more extensive page of homework problems. Instead, the purpose of the assignments is to give you a bit of feedback about how you are solving the problems, and whether you are writing up your work correctly.

Assignments will be posted here, about a week before they are due. Solutions will be posted here subsequently. Since you may not always receive graded assignments back before writing a quiz or test on the same material, it is suggested that you keep a copy of your assignment, to compare with the solutions.

Assignments are due in class. If you are not going to be in class, hand the assignment to the receptionist in N520 Ross prior to class. She will then put it in my mailbox. No late assignments will be accepted.

Assignment 1

Due Thursday January 14, in class. Solutions (corrected)

Assignment 2

Due Thursday January 28, in class. Solutions

Assignment 3

Due Thursday March 4, in class. Solutions

Assignment 4

Due Thursday March 18, in class. Solutions (corrected)

Assignment 5

Due Thursday April 1, in class. Solutions.