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MATH 1310 3.00MW (Winter 2016)
Integral Calculus with Applications

Midterm 1

The midterm was out of 60. It was designed with 5 fairely routine questions and one somewhat harder question (problem 3). In fact, only question 5 was done well. The responses to question 1 were reasonable (even though many people lost 3 marks for forgetting about the constant of integration). Questions 2, 4, and 6 were very similar to homework problems, yet they were done poorly. Quite frankly, I think many people are not doing the practice problems (and then checking their answers). You can't learn this material with spending hours a week practicing.


I make grade adjustments at the end of the course. But people need feedback about how they are doing. With that in mind, the following are the letter grades I would attach to each score. In other words, I think peoples' performance on the exam - though below what I expected - was somewhat better than the raw scores alone would suggest. The following gives a stem-and-leaf plot for the actual scores: