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MATH 1310 3.00MW (Winter 2016)
Integral Calculus with Applications

Quizz 1

The Quizz was out of 25. Version B was slightly harder than version A, in that the mean score on B was 1 mark lower than on A. So I will raise the raw scores for version B by 1 mark.

The data given below represent the raw scores for version A, and the adjusted scores for version B.

The scores are low, because the second problem was badly done. You should be spending several hours each week doing practice problems. Not just the homework, but the practice problems I have been posting on the course webpage. You should then compare their solutions with those in the student solution manual (your own copy, or the copy on reserve in the library). If things aren't clear to you, come to office hours, or the MathLab, or to PASS. Given the results on the quiz, many more people should be using those resources than is the case now. And people need to work more practice problems. It is your responsibility to do the problems, and that is the only way to learn this material. Going to lectures is not enough.


(remember that for version B you need to add a point to your score) The following gives the actual counts for each score (adjusted as above):