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MATH 1310 3.00MW (Winter 2016)
Integral Calculus with Applications
Course Outline


This course is the second in our standard sequence of calculus courses. It is designed to follow MATH 1300, and is in turn followed by MATH 2310. This course is typically taken by students in mathematics, statistics, and computer science. Students in physics, chemistry, or engineering usually take the parallel sequence MATH 1013/1014/2015.

In the first half, we study techniques of integration, and use these to compute areas and volumes, and to solve physical problems. In the second half we study infinite sequences and series.


Differential calculus, normally MATH 1300 3.00;
Students may also enter with equivalent courses, such as MATH 1013 3.00.
MATH 1014 3.00 is a course credit exclusion. So are certain other courses, such as MATH 1505 6.00 or MODR 1940 3.00 (Glendon)

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Instructor/Contact Information:

Tom Salisbury Department of Mathematics and Statistics


MWF 9:30-10:20pm in CLH D

Office hours:

Mon 12-1, Wed. 11-12

I will try to post a notice on the course webpage if other commitments make it necessary to reschedule one or more office hour. If you need to see me outside these hours, you are welcome to e-mail or call me to try to arrange an appointment.

Math Lab

The Math department drop-in centre is located in S525 Ross. Variously called the Math Lab or the MathStat Lab, it is staffed with TAs who can help you with questions from the course. The hours are subject to change, but the plan is that it will start operation by at least the second week of classes, and will be open throughout the semester from Monday to Friday. I expect it will be closed during reading week. Hours during the exam period will vary.


For those who took MATH 1300 in the fall, you should already have a text and the multi-term version of Webassign. For those who don't, the York bookstore sells a bundle that includes the text, solution manual, and WebAssign access. There are some cheaper alternatives, eg an electronic copy of the text rather than a paper one. For those who own an earlier edition of the text and who simply need WebAssign access, that can be purchased stand-alone. Again, multi-term should be the better deal, as the same will probably be used for MATH 2310 next year. The bookstore is supposed to have better prices than simply purchasing via WebAssign directly.

We will cover chapters 5.3-5.5, 6, 7, 8.1-8.2, and 11.


Note that the dates given for midterms and quizzes are tentative

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