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MATH 1310 3.00MW (Winter 2016)
Integral Calculus with Applications

Practice problems

You learn math by working problems. The WebAssign work is the minimum required to learn the subject, but you are encouraged to do more than the minimum. Below, I've chosen problems from the text that I suggest you try in addition to the assigned problems. There is no credit for these. I've chosen odd-numbered problems so that you can check your work against the solutions in the student manual (which is on reserve in Steacie library, if you do not have a copy). In preparation for the final exam, you should try problems from the review sections to chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, and 11. Not every problem is appropriate, but by now you should be able to recognize the material we covered.

The following problems relate to material from the final lectures, if you want to practice those topics. You are not responsible for these on the final exam.