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MATH2030.03, Fall 1999
Elementary Probability

Announcements and assignments will be posted here as they become available.


Final grades

The final grades are posted outside my office. They were lower than I had hoped. On the other hand, the assignment and quiz grades were a bit higher than was realistic, and the two effects more-or-less cancelled. In the end, I did raise the final grades, but only by a small amount. The median final grade was pretty close to the median midterm grade. In fact, the biggest change from the midterm grades was that the variance had gone down - there were a few more final grades in the middle of the grade distribution and few less at both the high and low extremes.

I need to hang on to the exams themselves, but I would encourage people to look at their final exams in my office. Just because the course is over doesn't mean you have to stop learning about probability, and seeing where you made mistakes is a good way to do this. And, even though I checked them several times, there is always a chance you'll catch an addition error. The best thing to do is to drop by during my office hours (Monday and Friday, 2:30-3:30). Failing that, you can make an appointment by e-mail, or gamble on finding me in my office at some other time.

If, for some reason, you can't check your grade outside my office, send me an e-mail requesting it. I will reply in kind. Be sure to include your name (and, by way of identification) your complete student number.