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MATH 2030 3.00MW (Winter 2011)
Elementary Probability

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Lecture notes

One of my projects this term is to digitize my course notes. I don't promise to keep these up-to-date, nor to include every lecture in the notes. But what I do manage to complete I will mount here. I have linked to the lecture notes as part of the topics list below.


Regarding the final exam: you are responsible for the material covered in class and on the assignments. This is roughly Chapters 1-4 of the text, plus Appendix 1 and a little bit from Section 6.4; Here is a list of exceptions, ie topics from the text that we didn't cover, or which you're not responsible for: If you are looking at old exams, note that some years, students were responsible for the gamma and negative binomial distributions (you're not). In past years correlation wasn't covered. In some past years, joint and marginal densities were also covered. Now that is only dealt with in MATH 2131, so you are only responsible for discrete joint and marginal distributions.

You should be reading ahead in the textbook, to be prepared to ask about topics that are unclear, when they come up in class. Be aware that though we will follow the text, we will not necessarily cover all topics, nor will we necessarily cover the topics in the order the textbook presents them. With this in mind, here is the basic list of topics we will cover, in the order we will treat them. You can tell which days each was covered by checking out the on-line course notes.