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MATH 2281 3.00MW (Winter 2013)
Financial Economics

Course Grades

I apologize for being quite late with the grades. You will see yours as of the next system update. I did not need to make any adjustment to the grades produced by the formula from the course outline, so the standard conversion of percentages to grades applies.

These grades are provisional in the sense that they are subject to review by the university. There are more A grades than normal in a course like this, and while I believe they are justified in this case, the Dean's office has the right to question that choice. If they do, and if I cannot convince them, there is a chance that some of the A's may become B+.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you want to know specifically what you got on the final exam. If you want to look over your exam in my office, e-mail me to make an appointment. Likewise, come by if you want to pick up your final assignment.

The following is a "stem and leaf" plot of the final course marks.

Final Exam Grades

The final exam was done rather well (aside from the mutual fund question)

The following is a "stem and leaf" plot of the raw final exam scores, out of 150.

Mean 109.4 (out of 150)
Median 115 (out of 150)