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MATH 2281 3.00MW (Winter 2013)
Financial Economics

Grades for 2nd midterm

Marks get adjusted and then converted to letter grades only at the end of the course. But people need feedback about how they're doing, and that is the purpose of this page.

The midterm was done very well, and the grades were high. I'm happy using the standard conversion of percentages to letter grades to reflect peoples' performance ON THIS TEST. Just don't expect the final grades to be as high. I thought about setting cutoffs that might tell people how to predict their final grades based on the midterm scores. But with 1/3 of the scores being 90% or more, this would be fairly arbitrary, and not all that useful.

So just enjoy the results!

The following is a "stem and leaf" plot of the raw scores.

Mean 77.2 (out of 100)
Median 81-82 (out of 100)