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MATH 3010 3.00AF (Fall 2015)
Vector Integral Calculus

Information about Assignments and Exams will be posted here, as it becomes available.

Final Exam

I've put information about final exam scores and final grades into a table.

Exam instructions:

You may bring a calculator to the final exam, as well as an 8.5x11 formula sheet (2-sided).

You are responsible for what we covered in class, not for what is in the textbook. You are not responsible for repeating proofs that I gave in class, but you should understand those results (including the hypotheses, when they were stated explicitly). The exam will cover the whole semester's topics, but it will put a bit more weight on material that hasn't been tested yet (ie since the midterms). Here are some of the major topics we covered (see the Topics page for section references).

In particular, you are NOT responsible for 2-forms or their surface integrals. You are NOT responsible for flux integrals in the plane, or the Divergence theorem in the plane.



Practice problems

(Not to be handed in)