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MATH3210.03, Winter 2000
Principles of Mathematical Analysis

Announcements and assignments will be posted here as they become available.


Final Grades

Grades are posted outside my office.

The test was reasonably well done, but the actual exam scores needed raising even so. Peoples' raw exam scores (out of 80) will also be posted outside my office. These got raised by 7 points before being factored into the grade algorithm. There were also some other minor (upwards) adjustments to the grades, to correct for a small skew, and the different averages for different components of the course. In the end, I think it was a reasonably fair grade distribution.

People are welcome to look at their exams, in my office. Phone or send e-mail to me if you want to make an appointment to do so.


It seems that the TA did not record the assignment grades before handing them back. As a result, I only had grades for the first of the assignments (you will recall that I modified his grades that time, so I do have my record of the changes). You will also recall that I was going to drop everyone's worst assignment. So out of 4 assignments that would count for 15% in total, I basically had one (for 3.75%).

Everyone was sent an e-mail message inviting them to submit old assignments to have the grades recorded. And a message to that effect was posted on this website and outside my office. For people who did not do so, what I did was count assignment 1 and then scale everything up, to get a total of 100%. This ended up putting the final at 51%, the midterms at 22.5% each, and assignment 1 at 4%.

If someone had saved their old assignments, and gave them back to me, I used them, according to the originally announced grading scheme (ie. assignments worth 15%, with the worst one dropped). If someone had some of the old assignments, but not all of them, I incorporated the ones they give me into the final grade, by counting 4% for each assignment I got back, with the midterms and final exam scaled accordingly. The deadline to do so was the end of April, as I had to submit my grades at the beginning of May. Note that the only people who did NOT have assignment 1 count towards their final grade are those who hand back ALL the other assignments, AND have assignment 1 being the lowest of those grades.

Submitting old assignments did not make anybody's grade go down. It didn't necessarily make grades go up either - I took into account the fact that homework grades are generally higher than test grades when adjusting the raw scores to produce final grades.

I should also add that there are a few miscellaneous assignment grades that I did have, as a result of people handing assignments back in to have grading errors corrected. In fairness, I gave those people the same options as anyone else, namely that I did not use their grades from Assignments 2-5 unless they informed me that they wished me to do so.

I am very sorry that this mess occurred, and I realize that it may very well have affected some peoples' final grades. But the above is the fairest way of dealing with the situation that I could come up with.


I've done a variety of things, but the principal topics covered have been: