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MATH3210.03 (Principles of Mathematical Analysis)


Assignment 6

Solutions will be handed out on Wednesday March 29.

Assignment 5

Due Monday March 20, 4:30 PM

Assignment 4

Due Friday March 3, 4:30 PM

Assignment 3

Due Wednesday February 23, 4:30 PM
Postponed to Friday February 25
(A prettier looking version of this assignment was handed out in class)

Definition: Let U be a subset of d-dimensional Euclidean space.

Show the following properties. You may do so in whatever order you find most convenient, and once you have proven one fact, you may use it in the proofs of other facts. Be on the lookout for statements that follow from other statements with little extra work.

Assignment 2

Due Monday Jan 31, in class (I will give out solutions in class)

Assignment 1

Due Friday Jan 21, by 4:30 PM