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MATH 3280 3.00AF (Fall 2012)
Mathematics of Life Contingencies I

Course and Final Exam Grades

The final exam scores were good. The multiple decrement material on the exam was well done. In fact, that stuff was done better than the single decrement material, which was generally a bit shaky. Pretty well everybody made the first problem harder than it should have been.

I computed final scores according to the formula on the webpage, and did not need to make any adjustments to them (other than working out substitute scores for work missed with a valid excuse). The algorithm for doing the latter is a bit complicated, but anyone who wants to understand it in their case should ask me.

The following lists are to let you know the range of grades in the course. You won't be able to tell your individual scores from the list. E-mail me if you can't wait to get your final grade from your student record. Anyone who wants to look over their final exam in my office is welcome to make an appointment to do so.

FE score (/175) Final (/100) Grade
166 92 A+
163 91 A+
149 82 A
126 76 B+
134 75 B+
126 75 B+
129 75 B+
137 73 B
119 73 B
99 72 B
120 70 B
114 65 C+
124 65 C+
103 61 C
94 60 C
109 56 D+
91 56 D+
87 55 D+
102 55 D+
97 50 D
87 50 D
86 49 D
68 45 E