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MATH 3280 3.00AF (Fall 2012)
Mathematics of Life Contingencies I
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Lectures: MW 1-2:20 in ACW 303 (Accolade West)
Tutorial: F 1:30-2:20 in ACW 307.
The lectures will go through the theory. Tutorials will be used for some quizzes and midterms, but otherwise for going through examples. You are expected to attend both lectures and tutorials.

Instructor/Contact Information:

Tom Salisbury Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Office hours:

Wednesdays 10:30-12:30, or by appointment.


Actuarial Mathematics by Bowers, Gerber, Hickman, Jones, Nesbitt. 2nd edition, SoA (1997).
This has been the reference for SoA exam MLC for years. Late in the summer, the SoA changed the reference text, but we will stick with the above book in both MATH 3280 and MATH 3281 this year.


Course description:

This course is a key component of the actuarial program. Along with MATH 3281 and either MATH 4430 or MATH 4431, it should prepare students for exam MLC of the Society of Actuaries. We cover the application of probability to life insurance, emphasizing life tables, hazard rates, single life/joint life/ last survivor policies, survival distributions, and multiple decrement theory.
In addition to the text, you may wish to consult Actuarial Mathematics for Life Contingencies by Dickson, Hardy, and Waters (Cambridge 2009), which will be the reference text for future versions of exam MLC.