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MATH 3280 3.00AF (Fall 2013)
Mathematics of Life Contingencies I


The first part of the final exam was very well done. The portion starting with multiple decrement tables was so good. This is reflected in the exam scores which have a mean of 72 percent (lower than either of the midterms). Even so, I think overall, the class worked hard and did extremely well in the course. The final class average is significantly higher than it has been in recent years.

I used the grade formula of the course outline (ie I scaled each assignment grade, so they were all worth the same and dropped the worst). People who missed a midterm or quiz, with an acceptable doctor's note, had an "equivalent" midterm or quiz grade computed based on their relative performance on the final exam and the other midterm. I did not make any adjustment to the grades, so an A+ is 90 or above, an A is 80 or above, etc.

The following stem and leaf plot gives the final exam scores (out of 200). Anybody who wants to look over their exam to see how they did is welcome to. Because I am out of the country, I have left the exams with Prof. Furman. To look at yours, drop by his office during his office hours.

The following stem and leaf plot reflects the final course percentages (out of 100), on which your final grades are based.