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MATH 3280 3.00AF (Fall 2013)
Mathematics of Life Contingencies I

Grades for 1st midterm

Marks get adjusted and then converted to letter grades only at the end of the course. But people need feedback about how they're doing, and that is the purpose of this page.

For purposes of predicting final grades, the standard conversion of percentages to letter grades seems appropriate for this exam. There was a high concentration of scores in the 73-83 range, because many of the midterm questions got either mostly full marks, or mostly few marks. I do expect that cluster of marks to spread out (ie some will stay high, and some will move down). These people should have a better idea where they stand after the second midterm.

The mean score was 75.
The median score was 78.

The following is a "stem and leaf" plot of the raw scores.