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MATH 4430 3.0AF (Stochastic Processes)
Assignments - Fall 2008

Access to assignment solutions has now been withdrawn. If you took this course, and need access, contact the instructor by e-mail.

Practice problems

Given the long break caused by the strike, you may find it useful to work through some or all of the above practice problems. Solutions

Assignment 3 - modified

Originally due Wednesday November 5, 2008. Because of the Senate amnesty declared for students participating in the Nov 5 YFS fee protest, and then the strike that started Nov 6, this assignment will now be due the 2nd class after the strike ends. Solutions will not be posted till then.

The extra things I asked you to do in problems 1.1 and 1.2 came out garbled. I've now modified what I'm asking you to do in those problems, and only require you to do this for one of them, not both.

The following problems are not part of Assignment 3, but you should work on them after you're finished the assignment They were originally intended as preparation for the midterm. Solutions

Assignment 2

Due Tuesday October 14 (because the Monday is a holiday, and Friday is our exam)
Note that in the 'seeking zero' problem, if you can't find the general formula, then just work it out numerically for the case m=6. You will lose at most 1 mark. Solutions

Assignment 1

Due Monday September 29 (extended to October 3) Solutions