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MATH 5370 3.00MW (Winter 2015)
Financial Mathematics for Teachers


Information about Assignments and Projects will be posted here, as it becomes available.


There will be two projects, one pedagogical (due mid-course) and one about the math (due at the end of the course). Both will involve giving a class presentation and handing in a report.

Pedagogy project

The pedagogy project involves reflecting on how to bring some aspect of the course material back into the classroom. For example, a lesson plan based on something related to the course topics. Or a plan for basing Data Management projects on the course material. By "course material" I mean anything related to interest, bonds, annuities, pensions, insurance, futures, stocks, options, derivatives, or risk (that isn't already part of the formal curriculum). This could include computer projects using a spreadsheet or simulation. The class presentation doesn't have to go through the whole of the report, just give the class the main idea, so each presentation should be 15 minutes. Reports should be 5-10 pages.

Math project

The math project involves researching some topic that goes beyond what we did in class. It should have some finance in it, but also some math. I'll schedule 2 meetings for presentations, so each should be up to 30 minutes. Reports should be 8-15 pages.