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MATH 5411 3.00AF (Fall 2016)
Analysis for Teachers
Problem Sets

Problem set 3

Due Dec. 12

Math Project

You should find a topic that interests you, and run it by me. I can help turn a broad and fuzzy topic into something precise for you to focus on, or I can simply suggest references. Basically you should learn something mathematical that you didn't know before (and which relates in some way to analysis), and then share it with the class.

The presentation should be 20 minutes, and should focus on what the topic is, and why you think it is useful or interesting. You can leave details out of the presentation that you put into the project. I want your projects to convince me that you really did learn some mathematics, at more than just a superficial level. Reports should be roughly 8-10 pages.

Some ideas for topics (you don't have to pick one of these, and some would need paring down before they're suitable topics anyway)

Pedagogy Project

Your first project will involve choosing a topic related to analysis, and indicating how it could be incorporated into your teaching practice. This could be as a classroom topic, an enrichment activity, or something related. You'll give a short (10-15 minute) presentation in class (tentatively on October 24) giving us the general idea, and should hand in a report (5-10 pages) about it, tentatively by October 31.

The topic could draw on something from class, like fractals, chaos, iteration, inequalities, etc. Since calculus and functions are mostly part of analysis, it could also be a calculus topic that goes beyond the standard material in the curriculum.

I'd like you all to try to e-mail me a possible topic, before class on September 26, so that I can confirm that your proposal is on the right track. If you need help finding a suitable topic, we can discuss it by e-mail or by phone. Or if necessary, before class on September 26. By the end of class that day, I'd like everyone to have their topic approved, so you can start work.

Problem set 2

Due in class, Monday Sept. 26.

Problem set 1

Due in class, Monday Sept. 19.
Solutions. Sample R program: Sierpinski.R