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MATH 6280 3.0AF (Fall 2011)
Measure Theory - Course outline (revised)


Measure Theory is the basic language of probability theory and real analysis. The Lebesgue spaces Lp are defined using measure theory, and these form the key examples used in functional analysis. This course is also one of the options for a comprehensive exam in the analysis stream.


Undergraduate real analysis.
There are no Course Credit Exclusions.

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Instructor/Contact Information:

Tom Salisbury Department of Mathematics and Statistics


MWF 12:30-1:20 in Vari Hall (VH) 2000.

Office hours:

M 11-12, W 2-3

I will try to post a notice on the course webpage if other commitments make it necessary to reschedule one or more office hour. If you need to see me outside these hours, you are welcome to e-mail or call me or drop by my office to try to arrange an appointment.


Real Analysis by Royden (and Fitzpatrick), 4th edition, Pearson 2010
We will cover large portions of chapters 2 - 6, 17 - 18, 20.


Note that the dates given for midterms and quizzes are tentative