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MATH 6605 3.00AF (Fall 2015)
Probability Theory

Information about Assignments and Exams will be posted here, as it becomes available.

Final Grades

You are welcome to come and look at your final exams in my office, if you are curious about how you did. The following gives the grade distribution we ended up with: A+ (2); A (1); A- (4); B+ (1); C (2)

Final Exam

The final exam will be December 18, 9am-12noon in CB122. You will not be responsible for topics that we just surveyed, such as Berry-Esseen, the law of the iterated logarithm, stable laws, tightness and the full version of the continuity theorem, or general infinitely divisible laws. We did cover the compound Poisson case thoroughly though, so that is fair game. Here is a copy of one old exam and here is another.

I thought the final exam was done much better than the midterm, though the numerical percentages don't necessarily reflect that. There were a number of people whose performance improved between the midterm and the final exam, and I took that into account when setting final grades. The following is a stem and leaf plot of the final exam scores (out of 120):