Finsurance: Theory, Computation and Applications

Project Highlights


Graduation of 3 students.

Migration of network funding to non-Mprime sources.

2012 IFID conference: planning withdrawals


Graduation of 5 students and recruitment of 8 additional students to the network

2nd Quebec-Ontario workshop on insurance mathematics.

IFID conference: Annuity day 2011.

Expansion of Montreal node to Concordia.


Graduation of 2 students and recruitment of 18 additional students to the network

Expansion of the network to include a Waterloo node

IFID Conference: Models for Lifecycle Finance, Insurance and Economics

Fields Industrial-Academic forum: Financial engineering and insurance mathematics

Major participation of project researchers at IME 2010


Graduation of 4 students and recruitment of 5 additional students to the network

Expansion of project network to include a Montreal node, and additional researchers at both Toronto nodes

IFID Conference: Retirement Income Analytics

Insurance synergies developed with the Fields Institute thematic program on quantitative finance, and with the MITACS economic summit on systemic risk


Formation of network, and recruitment of 7 students to network projects

Initiation of regular network research seminar: Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance Group meetings

Project conference organized and held: Financial Engineering for Actuarial Mathematics