Finsurance: Theory, Computation and Applications


Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance Group Meetings (2008-2013).
This is the regular seminar series for the Finsurance seed project held at the Fields Institute and the University of Toronto. It features talks by project investigators, external guests, project students, and by researchers from other MITACS projects.

MITACS Seminar of Actuarial and Financial Mathematics of Montreal, Montreal (2007-2013).
This is the regular seminar series for the Finsurance seed project held at the University of Montreal. It features talks by project investigators, external guests, project students, and by researchers from other MITACS projects.

2012 Annual IFID Centre Conference. Theme: Withdrawing Money from your Nest Egg Fields Institute, Toronto, Ontario (Nov 22, 2012)

Colloque des mathematiques appliquees a la gestion des risques, Lyon, France (Nov 19-20, 2012)

2nd Quebec-Ontario Workshop on Insurance Mathematics, Fields Institute, Toronto (February 3, 2012)

2nd Graduate Student Workshop on Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, Montreal (December 9, 2011)

IFID conference: Annuity day 2011, Fields Institute, Toronto (November 24, 2011)

Finsurance/MITACS actuarial project day, Montreal (March 16, 2011).

1st Quebec-Ontario workshop on insurance mathematics, Montreal (January 28, 2011).

1st Quebec Actuarial Graduate Student Workshop, Univ. Laval, Quebec (Dec 9, 2010).

Models for Lifecycle Finance, Insurance and Economics (LIFE), Fields Institute, Toronto (October 28, 2010).
The theme of this conference was lifecycle finance, insurance and economics. It featured a keynote address by Prof. Menahem Yaari, followed by 7 distinguished speakers, many of whom related their work to Yaari's seminal 1965 papers in this field.

Fields Institute Industrial-Academic forum on financial engineering and insurance mathematics, Fields Institute, Toronto (June 21, 2010).
Also part of the Fields thematic program in Quantitative Finance, the morning session featured distinguished speakers giving keynote addresses. The afternoon session featured presentations by students associated with the Finsurance project. Organizers were Huang, Milevsky, and Salisbury.

14th International Congress on Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, Toronto (June 17-19, 2010).
This is one of the major ongoing international conferences that combines finance and insurance. It was held in Toronto in 2010, with Lin serving as Scientific co-chair. He and Jaimungal also served on the organizing committee.

IFID Conference on Retirement Income Analytics, Fields Institute, Toronto (November 25, 2009).
Five speakers discussed annuities, longevity risk, and other topics regarding risk and finance in retirement.

Finsurance MITACS project-Student Seminar Day (April 14, 2009).
This meeting, held at the Fields Institute, involved student presentations to an audience consisting of students, researchers, and representatives from partner organizations IFID and QWeMA. Five project students gave talks about their work.

MITACS 2009 annual conference, Fredericton (May 31-June 5, 2009).
Salisbury gave a plenary talk, associated with the Finsurance project, titled Insurance and modern finance.
See "Research mathematicians gather to examine retirement issues and pensions", by Dave MacLean, Telegraph Journal, Saint John NB, June 1, 2009

MITACS Economic Summit on Systemic Risk (April 27-29, 2009).
Finsurance seed project members were heavily involved in the organization of this event, as well as the smaller meeting that preceded it in 2008. Insurance accounted for two of the four plenary presentations, and one of the three project problems, Risk control in the insurance industry.

IFID/MITACS Conference on Financial Engineering for Actuarial Mathematics (November 9-10, 2008).
This international conference, held at the Fields Institute, was organized through the Finsurance seed project and funded by MITACS, IFID, and Fields. It featured four keynote addresses, plus six talks by other invited speakers, two of whom subsequently joined the Finsurance project.

Fields-MITACS Industrial Problem Solving Workshop (August 11-15, 2008).
Two seed project researchers led one of the finance problems examined in this workshop. Four of the participating students came from the Finsurance seed project.

Second Canada-France Mathematics Congress, Montreal (June 1-5, 2008).
Special session on financial mathematics
This was a MITACS session, organized through the Finsurance seed project. Eight speakers delivered talks, including several researchers from other MITACS-funded projects.

MITACS-IFM2 Workshop on Recent Advances in Financial and Insurance Risk Management: Stochastic and Statistical Models *, Montreal (June 1-2, 2008).
This workshop successfully provided a venue where industrial and academic research groups could engage in a scientific discussion. It facilitated the interaction between industry and university professionals working on insurance and financial problems. This workshop focused on stochastic and statistical methods pertaining to the analysis, valuation, hedging and management of risks with application to the insurance and financial industry. Special topics during this event included extreme value analysis, dependence models, jump models, risk theory, stochastic volatility models, simulation tools, data mining and risk measures. Relevant applications included valuation and hedging of derivatives, portfolio management, modeling catastrophic insurance claims, statistically assessing the impact of global warming in the insurance business, analyzing dependence within insurance portfolios, modeling and forecasting mortality, equity-linked insurance products, credit derivatives, mortgage-backed securities and new derivatives design.