Dr. Xiaogang (Steven) Wang

    Professional Statistician (P. Stat)


    Department of Mathematics and Statistics, York University

    Email: stevenw AT mathstat DOT yorku DOT ca









    Likelihood Inference

    Data mining/Machine Learning




Selected Publications

 Andreopoulos, B., An, A., Wang, X., Faloutsos, M and Schroeder, M. (2007). Clustering by Common Friends Finds Locally Significant Proteins Mediating Modules. Bioinformatics, Oxford University Press, 23(9): 1124-1131.


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Wang, X. (2006). Approximating Bayesian Inference by Weighted Likelihood Method. The Canadian Journal of Statistics. Vol. 34,  279-298.


Wang, X., Qiu, W. and Zamar, R. (2006). An Iterative Non-parametric Clustering Algorithm Based on Local Shrinking. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. To appear.


Zhang, P., Wang, X. and Song, P.X. (2006) Clustering Categorical Data Based on Distance Vectors.  The Journal of the American Statistical Association. Vol. 101. No. 473, 355-367.


Wang, X. and Zidek, J.V. (2005). Derivation of Mixture Distribution and Weighted Likelihood as minimizers of KL-divergence subject to constraints. The Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics.  Vol 57, 687-701.

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 Wang, X., van Eeden, C. and Zidek, J.V. (2004). Asymptotic Properties of Weighted Likelihood Estimators.Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference. Vol 119, pp. 37-54.