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Postal Address:

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
York University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 1P3
E-mail: mylastnameATmathstatDOTyorkuDOTca
Office: N605 Ross Building
Fax: (416) 736 5757
Telephone:  (416) 736 5250 or (416) 736 2100 ext. 33918



Recent Research                        (See Research page for more bibliographic info)

Teaching (2017-18, 18-19)

Semi-reflective extensions of dualities and a new approach to the Fedorchuk duality arXiv
Fraction, restriction and range categories from stable classes of morphisms   arXiv    (Previous title: Abandoning monomorphisms: partial maps, fractions, factorizations arXiv)
Order-enriched solid functors arXiv
Metagories pdf
Lax pullback complements and pullbacks of spans pdf
Met-like categories amongst concrete topological categories pdf
Quantalic topological theories pdf
A note on the topologicity of quantale-valued topological spaces ... pdf
Monads on Q-Cat and their lax extensions to Q-Dist ... pdf
Approximate injectivity ... pdf
Lax distributive laws for topology, II ... pdf
Quantale-valued topological spaces via closure and convergence ...pdf 
Lax distributive laws for topology, I ... pdf
The fundamental group as the structure of a dually affine space... pdf
Noli turbare circulos meos -- A mathematical tribute to Reinhard Börger... pdf
Categorically proper homomorphisms of topological groups... pdf
Topological categories, quantaloids and Isbell adjunctions...pdf
Limits and colimits of quantaloid-enriched categories and their distributors... pdf
Lax algebra meets topology... pdf
Proper maps and the Kuratowski-Mrowka Theorem... pdf
Nullstellen and subdirect representation...pdf
Dual closure operators and their applications...pdf
From lax monad extensions to topological theories...pdf
MATH 3021 3.0: See Moodle
MATH 3022 3.0: See Moodle
MATH 4400 6.0: See Moodle
MATH 6180 3.0 (Reading)


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