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Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
York University, Toronto

Contact information:
tel:416-736-2100 ext 66097

Research Interests:

My research interests include statistical genetics, bioinformatics, biostatistics, nonparametrics, large sample theory, and statistical computing. I am especially interested in research which will allow me to develop statistical methodologies for biological data analysis, including genetic mapping, microarray data analysis, proteomic data analysis, construction of gene regulatory networks, etc.

Current Research topics: Nonparametric methods, Model selection, Graphical Model, Composite likelihood Inference, network analysis.

Recent publications:

Gao, X., Pu, Q.,  Wu, Y. and Xu, H. (2011) Model Selection in Gaussian Graphical Model

            with the Smoothly Clipped Absolute Deviation Penalty, Statistica Sinica, in press.


Gao, X. and Song, P. (2011) Composite Likelihood EM Algorithm with Applications to Multivariate Hidden Markov Model. Statistica Sinica, 21, 165-186.


Satyendra Chandra Tripathi1, Jatinder Kaur1, Ajay Matta2, Xin Gao3, Bin Sun3,

Shyam Singh Chauhan1, Alok Thakar4, Nootan Kumar Shukla5, Ritu Duggal6,

Ajoy Roy Choudhary6, Siddhartha DattaGupta7, Mehar Chand Sharma7, Ranju Ralhan2,8,9,10,* and KW Michael Siu2,* Loss of DLC1 is an independent prognostic factor in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma. Modern pathology, 2011, 1-12.


Feng, Z., Wong, W., Gao, X. and Schenkel, F. (2011) Generalized genetic association

study with correlated population,  Annals of Applied Statistics, in press.

Gao, X. and Song, P. (2010) Composite likelihood Bayesian information criteria for model selection in
high-dimensional data", Journal of American Statistical Association,
105, 1531-1540.

Gao, X., Lin, L., and Huang, Y. (2009) Application of Model Selection Technique in Chemogenomic Data Analysis. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, V2(3) 147-208.

Gao, X., Song, P., and Pu, Q. (2009) Transition Dependency: A Gene-Gene Interaction

Measure for Times Series Microarray Data. EURASIP Journal of Bioinformatics

and System Biology, Volume 2009, Article ID 535869.


Pham, A. N., Wang, J., Fang, J., Gao, X., Zhang, Y., Blower, P. E., Sade, W.,

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resistance to geldanamycins. Pharmaceutical Research, 26(4):936-45.


Gao, X., Xu, H. and Ye, D. (2009) Asymptotic Behaviors of Tail Density for Sum of

Correlated Lognormal Variables. International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical

Sciences, in press.

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Other publications:


Cheng, R., Ma, J. Z., Wright, F. A., Lin, S. L., Gao, X., Wang, D. L., Elston,

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Book Chapters


 Gao, X. (2009) Nonparametric methods for experimental designs. Encyclopedia on

research designs, Sage.


Software developed:

GDEP Version 2.0 Download (Reference: Gao, Pu and Song, 2008)

SOFTWARE Authors: Daniel Q. Pu, Xin Gao, and Peter X.-K. Song


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MATH6630 Math6630_Fall2012.htm

Professional Services:


American Statistics Association Southern Ontario Chapter local representative 2009-2011.

SORA/TABA Annual Statistics Workshop, May, 2009, organizing committee co-chair.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Evaluation Panel Committee Chair, 2009-2010.;

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Evaluation Panel Committee, 2008-2009.



Funding and Awards:


Discovery Grant, National Science and Engineering Research Counsel, 2007-2012.

Discovery Grant, National Science and Engineering Research Counsel2003-2006.

Petro-Canada/York University Young Investigator Award, 2006-2007.


Graduate Students:



Daniel Q. Pu, (2005-2009) Ph.D

Current position:

Managing Consultant
Financial Risk&Compliance
Global Business Services
IBM(China) Company Limited

Hao Bai (2006-2007 Ph.D student,. Current position:

Manager, Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada, Toronto, ON


Yawen Xu (2009-present) Ph.D student


Yurong Cao (2009-present) Ph.D. student