Math 6630 (Fall 2012) Applied Statistics I  


InstructorXin Gao, Associate Professor, Department of Math & Stats

Office: N623 Ross

Ext: 66097

Office hours: Tuesday or Thursday 1-2 pm N623 Ross

Time and place: T VH3017  TR VH2016


Course Evaluations:

Office hour before final exam: Friday Dec 7, 11am –noon. In my office.





Tentative Schedule

4 assignments

Total 40%

individual work, requires programming

1 final exam


Theory and data analysis


o   An example of univariate optimization using four different algorithms. univariateopt.txt

o   An old lecture note on optimization for your reference Week1lecture6630.pdf

o   An example of multivariate optimization bivariateopt.txt

o   Some lecture notes on EM algorithm Week2lecture6630.pdf

o   Homework Gallery: Students have done excellent job for their first assignment. The presentatons are posted here for everyone’s reference.math6630_2012\6630-2.1presentation.pptx math6630_2012\applied stat 1.pdf

math6630_2012\applied statistics 1.html  math6630_2012\applied statistics 2.html

Enjoy reading the reports and presentations! J (if I did not link your presentation, maybe I missed your email. Please remind me by sending it to me again.)

·       An informative tutorial online on Hidden Markov Model:

·       math6630picalculation.txt

·       Hw3 will be due Nov 15, 2012.

·       bootstrap.txt

·       modelselection.txt


·       A template for final exam: the number of problems will vary and some of the problems on this template are not covered in this course.templateforexam.pdf