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Here is an example of how a typical assignment might run.  The function startgame(); sets some global variables and then draws the picture of where the starting positions are and the wind speed.  The functions leftplr and rightplr execute a turn for the left and right cannon.  Notice how the wind affects the bullet's trajectory.

> startgame();

Wind = 2
Mountain height = .45
Left position = .20
Right position = .52

Instructions: Player 1 is on the left, player 2 is on the right
side of the mountain.  Each player takes turns firing a shell
over the mountain by specifying an angle and a projectile force.
The angle should be between 0 and 90 degrees, the force should
be a real number between 0 and 15.
Command for player 1: leftplr( angle, force );
Command for player 2: rightplr( angle, force );


> leftplr( 75, 6.2);

> rightplr( 60, 8);


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