Recent Papers Available online

A Bijective Proof of an Unusual Symmetric Group Generating Function
The Action of the Hall-Littlewood Vertex Operator
A Macdonald Vertex Operator and Tableaux Statistics for the Two-Column (q,t)-Kostka Coefficients, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 5, R45, also summary in Proceedings of FPSAC '99
Vertex operators for standard bases of the symmetric functions, J. of Alg. Comb., 13, No. 1 (2000), pp. 83-101. (available math.CO)
Positivity for special cases of (q,t)-Kostka coefficients and standard tableaux statistics,Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 6, R41
(with Mark Shimozono) Hall-Littlewood vertex operators and generalized Kostka polynomials, Adv. in Math., 158 (2001), pp. 66-85.  (avaliable math.QA)
Ribbon Operators and Hall-Littlewood Symmetric Functions, Adv. in Math., 156 (2000), pp. 33-43. (available math.QA)
(with Adriano Garsia) Polynomiality of the q,t-Kostka Revisited, to appear in issue in honor of G. C. Rota, (available math.QA)
q-Analogs of symmetric function operators, to appear Discrete Math. (available math.QA)
(with Adriano Garsia) A primer of plethystic notation, (in preparation)
(with Rosa Orellana) Some remarks on the characters of the general Lie superalgebra, (available math.CO)
(with N. Bergeron) q and q,t-Analogs of Non-commutative Symmetric Functions, (available math.CO)
(with G. Tudose) q-Analogs of Q-Schur functions, (available math.CO) (extended abstract)


Talks and posters

PDF of slides for talk "q-Analogs of Hopf Algebra Structures" given in Kyoto Aug '01
PDF of poster presented at FPSAC'01 in Scottsdale, Arizona June '01 "The ribbon rule for homogeneous symmetric functions"  (extended abstract)
PDF of slides for talk "A quantization of non-commutative symmetric functions"  at the CMS Winter meeting '01 and updated for a seminar at UWaterloo June, '02. This is similar to the chalk talk that I presented at several combinatorics seminars (York, UMinnesota, UQaM) Fall '01.
PDF of slides "Ribbons and Column Strict Tableaux" presented at the Univeristy of Miami and York University colloquium Feb '02.
PDF of slides "A q-analog of Schur's Q-functions" presented at the Wilfrid Laurier University April '02. Description of this research.
FPSAC '02. "Hall-Littlewood analogs in the Q-function algebra" (PDF slides) and "q and qt analogs of non-commutative symmetric functions." (PDF slides)
A Java program to play a game of extended "Set."  I learned a lot about the work that has been done on the game of "Set" at the FPSAC '01 conference where I gave a demo of this program, but I have not had the chance to rewrite the material on the web page to reflect that.
A gallery of posets.  Pictures of permutahedron and other geometric shapes arising from posets.